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8 July 1958
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I consider the LJ "Friends" tag as a status of reader subscription. If you want to read what I write, friend me. I may return the favor, and I may not. Whether I do or not means nothing in specific to you.

This journal is primarily friends only. This has been the policy since the Thought Police received their "mandate" in the elections of 2004. Recently, I have opened my journal a bit. I reached a place in my life where I must speak out against the changes in this nation being wrought by the Christocrats and their lackeys. Preaching to the choir through "friends-only" posts does not do what I must do. Now, unless you are a "friend", all that you will find here is news and rants about the US political environment. Let the NSA and the FBI do what they will.

I have found the source piece which served as the inspiration for the tattoo you see as my default user icon. You will find it here. And the artist who designed it is also on LJ. You can find her at cissa.

My main journal is now at Dreamwidth ([info - personal] wyldraven). Contact me there if you are interested in an invite code!

BTW" I am "double Cancer with 5 Aries" per lasarina.

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