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I present to you "Christians in the Hand of an Angry God"

I've read this before. I liked it then, and I still like it. And yes, I too am an ex-Christian who actually studied the Bible. Brad does an excellent job in his theology, and makes a very believable case for his premise. What is his premise you ask?
The gospel that is being taught in almost every evangelical and fundamentalist church in America is a false gospel, and it has condemned tens of millions of people to eternal damnation in the fires of Hell.
Read his thesis here:

Christians in the Hand of an Angry God (part 1)
Christians in the Hand of an Angry God (part 2)
Christians in the Hand of an Angry God (part 3)
Christians in the Hand of an Angry God (part 4)
Christians in the Hand of an Angry God (part 5)

Representative excerpt from part 3
You remember Jesus, right? The guy who stood up against everything the Republicans stand for? Supposedly your savior if you call yourself a Christian? That guy. And oh yeah, he never mentioned anything about homosexuality, or, for that matter, much about any kind of sin other than robbing the poor. In fact, the only time that anybody forced the issue on him, it was a trap by the Pharisees, who hated Jesus with a fiery passion. You see, the Pharisees were exactly like modern Republicans.
Why bring this to your attention now? It's the necessary backstory for understanding this post, which I think you should go and read.
So now we know, in at least one case, what it costs to preach that George Bush isn't God's prophet on Earth, Jesus doesn't say it's OK to hate the poor, and that wealthy people don't usually have all of that money because God recognizes their virtues: $500,000.00 per sermon.
Bio: J Brad Hicks at Wikipedia
Tags: culture wars, politics, religion

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